Friday, November 16, 2012

Duckie Rides the BC Canada Ferries (July 2012)

The British Columbia Ferry system is pretty amazing and this past summer Duckie had an opportunity to experience it when Marilyn recently took a trip to Vancouver Island, BC with her son Jonathan and his family. Our destination was Tofino, BC where we’d be 
surfing & hiking for the week.

First we load onto the ferry with all the other vehicles. Today we’re riding the Coast Renaissance, which is a big ferry in the system of 35 ferries. This ferry can carry about 370 vehicles, including 32 semis and travels at a speed of 23 knots.

Above is our ferry (I borrowed this pic from their website).
I rode in the car, but here I am with the surfboards
as we sit waiting for the ferry to get to the other side.
You can see they really pack in the cars, trucks & campers. This day there were lots of people heading to Vancouver Island to begin their summer vacation. The cost of using the ferry is getting pretty expensive - a truck & camper van costs $200 for the vehicle and $15 per adult passenger. Once onboard the ferry, there’s lots to do.
First we run up to the top deck to watch our departure. Our ride from the mainland to Victoria BC, located in the south of Vancouver Island
will be about 90 minutes.
Strolling the deck can be pretty cool and windy but always very scenic.
Watching the other ferry go by.
Checking out the lifeboats & safety systems.
When it’s too cool to be outside, there are three floors of inside lounges like this one where they have Wi-Fi Internet connections, television screens to watch the news, shops, and two or three cafes and restaurants. Not all the ferries are as big as the one we’re riding today.
About to enjoy breakfast with Marilyn’s grandson Edison.
After breakfast we’re off to play in the children’s playroom.
There’s one on each passenger deck.
Time to head back to the car and now we’re off to enjoy Vancouver Island!!

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