Thursday, January 3, 2013

That is a HUGE duck!

Check out this giant duck as it floats down the River Thames in London. Thanks for sharing Joan!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

35,000 toxic rubber ducks won't get to celebrate Christmas this year

It's going to be a very unmerry Christmas for 35,000 rubber duckies dressed up to look like Santas, gingerbread men, penguins and reindeer after customs officials in the Port of Los Angeles seized the toys as they tried to make their way into the country from China. 

The haul, valued at more than $18,000, was stopped from entering the United States because they contained too much phthalate, a chemical used in plastics to make them softer and more flexible. 

It might be a blow to the Christmastime rubber duck market, but a toxin-free holiday season is the best kind to have.


Duck Sightings!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Duckie visits Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver BC

Our favorite mode of transportation around Vancouver is the public transit system. Today we’re riding the bus to Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, BC.
The second most visited park in Vancouver, it’s a major draw for nature enthusiasts and horticultural connoisseurs.

Duckie sitting in the famous Monkey Tree
near the entrance to the park.

This is a famous picture taking place in Vancouver BC because Queen Elizabeth park is the highest point in Vancouver (152 m above sea level) which makes for spectacular views of the park, downtown Vancouver

& the north shore mountains.

Famous as well for its beautiful gardens

that were built in a former rock quarry.

The life-size bronze statutes in Queen Elizabeth Park
are treasures that act like magnets for tourists and their cameras.
of the bronze plaques, and subsequently found
abandoned in a field outside of the city.

More of the gardens and the Bloedel Conservatory.

The conservatory is a year-round indoor tropical garden in the middle of
Queen Elizabeth Park. It houses a myriad of tropical plants from all over the world, along with koi fish, & tropical birds.

Marilyn, Duckie & Glenna enjoying a rest in the shade
before heading back home from another busy day
touring one of Vancouver’s favorite
tourist destinations. Be sure to visit this beautiful
location when you get to Vancouver!