Friday, June 22, 2012

Show and Tell in Branson, MO

Duckie was privileged to tag along to the Peterson Family Reunion in Branson, Misissouri. Branson is a city in Taney County in the U.S. state of Missouri. It was named after Reuben Branson, postmaster and operator of a general store in the area in the 1880s.

Branson has long been a popular destination for vacationers from Missouri and neighboring areas. The construction of music theaters by nationally-known performers along Highway 76 has increased Branson's popularity as a tourist destination. Branson now draws visitors from all regions of the country, mostly by car or bus.

Making Whoopie on your way to Branson!

The three "sticks" stand for LAND, WOOD, and WATER. 

"The Live Entertainment Capital of the World" - The Presley family became the first to move their show to Highway 76 in 1967 (which would become known as the "strip"), followed a year later by the Baldknobbers. This area would eventually grow to more than 50 theaters – most of them located on Highway 76.

 Thanks for taking care of Duckie, Jill!

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